Jesse Williamson, director at the 9.8 Group, advocates right balance between strategic need and business culture in M&A considerations

Is It a Good Time to Buy Another Business?

By Julie Bawden Davis

When the circumstances are right, the decision to buy another business can have benefits. Here are signs you're ready to add a new company to your business portfolio. 

What is the Strategic Need and Fit?

“Too often small-business owners focus on the what rather than looking at the why," says Jesse Williamson, director of the 9.8 Group, Inc. “When our holding company looks at acquisitions, we only consider opportunities that speak directly to a strategic need that we are ready to address. Analyze why you want to acquire the business. Is it to strengthen operations, sales, marketing or branding, or to acquire new products, expand your offering and leverage your existing platform?”

How Does It Fit With Your Business Culture?

Acquiring a business may look good on paper, but don't forget to also factor in your business culture, Williamson warns. “Your corporate culture could make a merger seem like a pairing of oil and vinegar—or worse, nitro and glycerin. The merger of two divergent cultures can be a far greater challenge than structuring a deal. Few businesses have thrived in the face of a contentious, toxic environment.”

Williamson suggests thinking about how all your people will work together, what kind of cultural adaptation will need to take place and who will drive those changes.

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