With headquarters in New York City and presence in Europe, Russia, and China, we understand the complexity of the ever-shifting global economy. For over 20 years we have lived and breathed this dynamic force of globalization and deeply understand the challenges it presents to businesses of all sizes and sectors. 

Rapidly changing trends, regulatory obstacles, lack of access to capital in local markets, and a myriad of other barriers demand from businesses a nimble, flexible, and hyper-informed strategy. 

Knowledge and agility are fundamental in our approach to business strategy.

We design business models based on:

  1. Deep knowledge of international markets and access to a unique network of experts
  2. Understanding of consumer, business, and technological trends
  3. Proven methodology of aligning the product, team, and the market cycle to foster growth

Investment Focus: While our consulting practice works with a wide range of industry categories, our investment interests are focused on Technology, Healthcare, Wellness, and Communications, with a special emphasis on platform solutions.